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Unleashing the Inner Child: Learning from Little Giants on the Playground

May 30, 2023

Learning from Little Giants: What Adults Can Learn from Children's Playgrounds


In our fast-paced and stressful adult lives, we often overlook the valuable lessons children can teach us. Today, I had the opportunity to observe a beautiful group of children on the playground, which inspired this post. At our local playgrounds, we witness uninhibited imagination, fearless risk-taking, and genuine connection. As part of the TapFitFam mission, I am dedicated to inspiring and empowering families for healthy and active lifestyles, it's crucial to recognize the wisdom children bring. In this blog, we'll explore how adults can learn from children's playground interactions and apply these lessons to our lives, no matter our preferred exercise.

  1. Socializing Freely:

Children possess an innate ability to connect with one another without judgment or prejudice. On the playground, they effortlessly form friendships and find commonalities with their peers. As adults, we often become guarded and hesitant, but there's much to be gained by embracing the childlike approach to socializing. Let go of preconceived notions and allow yourself to engage with others genuinely. Strike up conversations, join community events, and open yourself to new friendships. By following children's lead, we can create deeper and more meaningful connections with others, fostering a supportive and uplifting environment within the TapFitFam community and elsewhere.

  1. Unleashing Imagination:

The playground serves as a canvas for children's imaginations to run wild. They transform ordinary equipment into spaceships, castles, and secret hideouts. As adults, we often lose touch with our creative side as we get caught up in the practicalities of life. By tapping into our own imaginations, we can ignite a sense of wonder and bring more joy into our lives. Whether it's through engaging in creative hobbies, exploring new artistic endeavors, or simply allowing ourselves to daydream, we can infuse our day to day life with newfound excitement and inspiration.

  1. Fearless Risk-Taking:

Children are notorious risk-takers on the playground. They eagerly climb to the highest point on the jungle gym, attempt daring tricks, and fearlessly explore their physical limits. As adults, we tend to become more cautious and hesitant to step outside our comfort zones. However, growth and progress often come from taking risks. Whether it's trying a new exercise routine, pushing ourselves to master a challenging tap dance routine, or embracing a new physical activity altogether, we must cultivate the childlike courage to venture into the unknown. Let the playground remind you that taking risks can lead to personal growth, improved confidence, and a sense of accomplishment within your family and community.

  1. Moving and Exercising with Joy:

One thing children excel at on the playground is moving their bodies with unadulterated joy. They run, jump, climb, and dance without self-consciousness or concern for appearances. As adults, we often approach exercise with a strict mindset focused solely on fitness goals. However, by embracing the childlike enthusiasm for movement, we can transform our workouts into enjoyable experiences. Whether it's tapping your way through a dance routine, joining a family-friendly outdoor game, or simply engaging in playful activities with loved ones, find ways to infuse fun and joy into your physical fitness journey.


Children's playgrounds are not just spaces for kids to burn off energy; they are a treasure trove of valuable lessons for adults. By observing how children socialize freely, unleash their imaginations, take fearless risks, and move with unbridled joy, we can apply these principles to our lives and within the TapFitFam community.

Let us learn from the little giants around us, and in doing so, create a healthier, more connected, and enriched lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones. Remember, embracing the childlike spirit of curiosity, fearlessness, and playfulness not only enhances our physical well-being but also fuels our motivation and inspiration in every aspect of life. So, step onto the playground of life with an open heart and a willingness to learn, and watch as the magic of childhood unlocks a world of endless possibilities for your own journey towards a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

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