Welcome to our A La Carte Classes! Designed with flexibility and variety in mind, these individual classes allow you to choose the specific level that best suit your needs and interests. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your dance journey or a dancer aiming to refine your technique, our a la carte options offer something for everyone.

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Why Choose A La Carte?

Our a la carte classes are perfect for dancers who:

  • Prefer flexibility in their learning schedule
  • Want to focus on specific techniques or routines
  • Are looking for high-quality, standalone classes without a long-term commitment

Each class is meticulously designed by Ashley to ensure you gain the most from every session. With detailed instruction and engaging content, you'll be able to learn and improve at your own pace.









Take Class Without Leaving Home!

Join us for an exciting Intermediate Tap Dance Routine to 'Marathon' by Connor Price, happening on July 13th at 12 PM EST. Elevate your skills with personalized guidance from acclaimed instructor Ashley Borromeo, and connect with a passionate community of fellow dancers.

Secure your spot today and step into a rhythm that will inspire and challenge you!

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Advance Beginner/ Beginner Intermediate Level

Kick off the year with our March class, packed with innovative techniques and fun routines that will energize your practice.

Advanced Steps

Advance Beginner/ Beginner Intermediate Level

Spring into action with our April class, featuring dynamic choreography and essential skills to enhance your dance repertoire.

Level Up

Wings Workshop

Take flight with our May class focusing on "Wings." Learn to master this technique and add flair to your performances.

Unlock Your New Skill

Absolute Beginner

Perfect for those new to dance, our June Class provides a comprehensive introduction to fundamental steps and rhythms.

Explore Beginner Class