Welcome to TapFitFam: Where Dance Elevates Us to Our Best Selves!

At TapFitFam, we believe in the transformative power of dance to bring families closer and help individuals reach their personal best. Whether you're looking to bond with loved ones through tap dance, refine your technique, or simply add joy to your daily routine, we've got something for everyone.

Our community includes young dancers in grade school, seasoned dance instructors, moms just getting started, and adults enjoying dance throughout retirement—all thriving with our programs.

Discover our range of flexible, go-at-your-own-pace courses and programs designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle!

Tap Into Family Time

Discover the joy of tap dancing together with your family through our Tap Into Family Time program. Perfect for families with children aged 4-10, this course combines a solid base of technical instruction, fun fitness, and family bonding in the comfort of your home. No tap shoes required—just enthusiasm and a desire to create lasting memories through rhythm and movement.

Tap into Family Fun!

Tap Technique Tune-Up

Elevate your tap dancing skills with our Tap Technique Tune-Up program. Designed for advanced beginner dancers looking to perfect complex steps like Wings, Pull Backs, and more, this course offers video tutorials and access to a private community for ongoing support. Refine your technique and master the art of tap dancing with over 20 years experience guiding you.

Master Your Tap Skills!

TapStart: Beginner Tap

Dive into the world of tap dancing with TapStart, our beginner-friendly course for ages 14 and up. Whether you're new to dance or seeking a refresher, TapStart introduces you to the basics that evolve into choreographed routines. Join us for a fun and refreshing take on fitness through the rhythmic beats of tap dance. Embrace the joy of movement in every step!

Start Tapping Today!

Daily Dance Blast

Energize your day with our Daily Dance Blast—a 14-day dance challenge designed to boost your mood, fitness, and confidence. Each day features a quick 5-10 minute dance lesson paired with a mindset check-in, perfect for individuals and families alike. Join us for daily doses of joy and movement, and experience the benefits of dance in a supportive community setting.

Join the Challenge!