If you have a solid understanding of the basics and want to level up your tap dancing, this course is for you!


Bridge the Gap Between Beginner and Intermediate Tap Dancing Skills 

Master the Moves That Make You Shine!

Perfect for dancers looking to refine their technique and level up their tap dance skills. 


Dance teachers, if you have students struggling with execution in "trick" steps please feel free to purchase this course and share all the processes with your classes! Love, Ashley

Say No More, I Want In!

Comprehensive Course

This course covers all the building blocks for developing the proper fundamentals of the complex steps. Giving you the confidence to take the next step on your journey with tap dancing and fun fitness.

Expert Instructor

Our experienced instructor will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience.  Ashley has over 20 years experience teaching these steps and process to hundreds of dancers of all ages and levels. 

Unlock Potential

The Tune-Up course will help you unlock your potential and take your tap skills to the next level.  TapFitFam's mission is to empower people to dance through life.  Tap dance serves your mind, body and spirit and should be enjoyed by every body!

If you have a solid grasp of the basics,

and are you ready to move beyond Basic Time Steps, Waltz Clogs, Shirley Temples, Paradiddles and other steps like these.... 

This Course will level you up!

This go at your own pace course will teach you the steps you need to build confidence and clarity in your footwork while learning the flashier steps to bring you from a beginner or advanced beginner to a solid Intermediate and higher depending on your location and level of tap around you.


From Wings, Pull backs, Luigis, Over The Tops and more, you'll be able to show off your moves with clarity!  

The warmup and drills shared will also encourage you to create and play with your art, strengthening your improv skills as well.

Are you a dancer looking to advance with fancier steps? 

Are you struggling to master the clarity of the sounds?  

Look no further! This course is the answer to all your struggles, and with my help in the private Facebook group, you'll be able to get the answers to all your questions.

Hi!  I'm Ashley...

I help dancers build confidence, creativity and clarity in their tap dancing so that they can get the most out of this incredible art form.

Think of me as your friend holding your hand on this journey.

I'll show you how to develop better technique, have fun, and continue to benefit from all the healthy perks of tap dancing.  

As a homeschool mom I have seen the value of teaching to the whole person not just a skillset.  I also know that my approach works because I've fine tuned it with over 20 years experience as a dance teacher and former dance studio owner.  

Stick with me and we will learn, laugh and love dance together!

"Dance Is Life" - Ashley Borromeo


Get the knowledge you need to reach your tap dance goals!

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  • Warm-Up routine
  • 15 Video Tutorials: Covering multiple variations of Wings, Pull Backs, Swaps, Luigi's, Over The Tops, and Shiggy Bops
  • Breakdown of steps that will increase the variety of your choreography
  • Bonus: Clarity Tool
  • Support¬†in a Private Facebook Group¬†