Hello, I'm Ashley Borromeo

I've always had a passion for dance, but like many moms, finding the time for fitness proved challenging. Balancing family life while maintaining a healthy routine felt like an impossible feat. That's when the idea struck me – what if I could seamlessly integrate my love for dance and quality family time into a routine that served us all?

My journey began with the realization that my role as a dance teacher could complement my time homeschooling my kids. Choreographing routines became a shared activity, and I discovered that homeschooling was more than just academics – it was about living a learning lifestyle. Life took an unexpected turn, as it often does, leading me to a point of personal struggle and transformation.

In the face of loss – our baby on Valentine's Day in 2021 – I felt a profound need to pursue my dream of teaching dance on a larger scale. I wanted to share the joy of a healthy and lifelong fitness form with others.

The catalyst came in the form of a Facebook ad for a 5-day challenge called Time To Thrive. Intrigued by those three powerful words, I enrolled, and that decision has since shaped what you now see online. Setting and achieving goals became a testament to my belief that anything is possible, and we all possess unique gifts waiting to be shared.

After experiencing personal growth through challenges, I am on a mission to share the transformative power of dance with people worldwide. Dancing through life creates ripples of goodness in our communities and homes.

I agree that when Meghan Trainor says, "Better When I'm Dancin' " she speaks truth on everyones behalf.  So, a warm welcome to the Tap Fitness Family! I invite you to stay, tap into your joy, and join a community that supports and uplifts each other. Let's dance together!

Best, Ashley


My Promise To You


I will do my very best to lead by example and share all the goodness that dance has brought into my life with you.  I live a learning lifestyle and as I share with you, you are always teaching me something new too.  It's an honor to dance through life with you.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Sending You AbunDANCE,

Ashley Borromeo, TapFitFam, Founder 

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