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Tap In 10

2 Day Free Trial - Only $10 / Month

🎥 Short 10 Minute Lessons: Perfect for all ages and those with limited time 

2️⃣ Levels Available For ONLY $10/month:  Beginner & Intermediate

🌟 Live Lessons Every Tuesday 

🔄 Unlimited Replay Access To Past Library: Take Class On Your Terms

 💕 Supportive Community 


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AbunDANCE Membership

Elevate your dance journey with AbunDANCE, where joy meets movement.

More than just the dance steps, AbunDANCE is a lifestyle infused with positivity, fun, and personal growth for adults looking to learn, play and celebrate life in a fun way!

Sapphire Level - 
Only $57 / Month or 🤩 Save 2 Months With Annual $570 Plan

Key Highlights:

  • 🕺 New Weekly Classes: Each week a new class is released (Beginner Tap - Adv Beg Tap, Intermediate Tap, Stretch & Strengthen & Tap Turns)
  • 👥 Monthly Momentum Coaching Calls: Receive guidance on personal growth and mindset in our empowering coaching sessions.
  • Step-By-Step Library for clarity and technique

🚀 Exclusive Member Bonus:

  • Free Tap in 10 Subscription: AbunDANCE members enjoy complimentary access to the weekly Tap in 10 subscription, unlocking even more opportunities to dance and stay active throughout the week.
  • Private AbunDANCE Facebook Community:  exclusive access to more content and coaching


Gold Level - Only $97 / Month or 🤩 Save 2 Months With Annual $970 Plan


🌟 Extra Monthly Support Call to get your questions answered live 

🌟 All Access Pass to 3 Tap FitFam Courses: Tap Start, Tap Technique Tune Up, Tap Into Family Time ($411 Value included)


Embrace wellness, connection, and the pure bliss of tap dance.  

Join AbunDANCE today and tap into living joyfully!

Featured Courses

Wings Workshop

Ready to take your tapping skills to new heights?

Join us for a virtual Wings Workshop where we'll dive deep into the intricate world of this milestone tap step, focusing specifically on mastering the technique and gaining clarity!  


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Daily Dance Blast

Join this 14 day dance challenge to boost your mood, fitness and confidence in your body. 

Each day you will follow along a quick 5-10 minute dance lesson that is paired with a quick mindset check in to fuel our days.  

Great for families to do together for fun connection time or individuals who need a boost of movement and mindset.


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Tap Technique Tune-Up

Gain the skills and techniques needed to perfect those complex and challenging steps that require precision and control. 

Learn how to do Wings, Pull Backs, Shiggy Bops, Over The Tops, Luigi's and more. 

Video Tutorials and access to a Private Facebook Group for ongoing support! 

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Tap Into Family Time

Utilize tap dance for fun, fitness and family bonding.  This course is designed for families with littles ages 4 - 10 years old to spend time together learning something new in the comfort of their homes.  No tap shoes are required.  

6 Modules designed to teach tap dance + family connection.

Go at your own pace! 

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TapStart:  Beginner Tap 

This on demand course is perfect for ages 14+ and  will have you stepping up your dance game in no time!

Join for a fun, fresh take on fitness.

Learn basics that compound into choreography that will having you tapping around your home with joy. 

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Individualized Coaching Available