Daily Dance Blast


Imagine starting each day with a burst of energy, feeling invigorated, and having a blast while dancing. Doesn't that sound like a dream come true?

With the Daily Dance Blast course, you will:

  • Boost your energy levels to kickstart your day
  • Improve your fitness in a fun and engaging way
  • Learn new dance moves that you can show off at any party
  • Feel more confident in your body

This isn't just a course, it's a invitation for a lifestyle change.

It's a chance to transform your mornings (unless you prefer to do it middle of the day 😉 ), your fitness, and your life.

  • You will receive a new 5-10 minute dance video daily to follow along.  
  • All ages are welcome and we even have families enjoy these blasts together!
  • No tap shoes required.
  • No dance experience required.

Think of DDB as you dose of fun movement and positive mindset each day in under 10 minutes!  Woohoo! 🥳 


I can't wait for you to join us on this exciting journey and feel the power of community and magic of dance come to life in your home.


What People Are Saying:

I am loving these daily burst of goodness!

Angela Van de Riet

Woohooo! That was FUN! I even had a kiddo join in!

Anne King

Absolutely best decision ever. If you haven't joined you are missing out!

Victoria Essner

Done! Loved doing high knees and windmill arms as part of the warm up!


$37.00 USD