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Embracing the Mirror Challenge: A Dance to Self-Love

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Embracing the Mirror Challenge: A Dance to Self-Love

In the dance of life, every step we take holds the potential for self-discovery and growth. Today, I'm excited to unveil the raw, unfiltered moments from a recent dance session—a session that transcended the dance floor and delved deep into the essence of self-love and confidence.

Imagine the rhythm of an invigorating song, the echo of tap shoes meeting the floor, and the anticipation of executing choreography to a variety of new songs. This was not just a dance lesson; it was a journey into the dream of my student.

In an earlier lesson, we painted vivid scenes of a Broadway stage, exploring the pulsating energy of the crowd and the feel of costumes—the very essence of realizing a dream. But this session was about more than learning steps; it was an exploration of decision-making, a journey of trust, and a celebration of commitment in every movement.

Amidst the beats, the student navigated various songs, each presenting unique challenges—changing tempos, diverse genres, and unforeseen rhythmic shifts. The exercise tested her ability to make split-second decisions, fostering trust in herself. It embodied the dance journey—making choices, making corrections, all without a predefined map to follow.

Then came the magic. After a few songs, she not only met but surpassed the challenges, creating captivating rhythms infused with spontaneous creativity. Yet, as her guide, I yearned for more—for her to dance not because she had to, but because she gets to.  I know she loves it.  I need to help her show that to others.  After All, this is important for casting and auditions.   

A transformative moment emerged when I posed a simple yet discomforting question: "When is the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? Really looked into your eyes and saw the incredible, magnificent person you are?" Her honest revelation resonated—a feeling of nausea at the thought of self-appreciation. It's a sentiment simple, yet not easy.

I share this experience as an invitation. Stand tall, face the mirror, and see the extraordinary person reflecting back at you.

As Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt beyond the ordinary, I invite you to dream beyond your comfort zone.

Celebrate yourself, embrace the dance to self-love, and let the ripples of this transformative act send waves of goodness into the world.

Not only will it be worth it for yourself, but in the uncomfortable action you will inspire others. 

Take a moment, dear dancers of all ages and stages, and let this story of self-love guide you. Your reflection is waiting for a celebration—a dance to self-love, an essential step in the rhythm of life. 

Keep dancing through life!


With Love and AbunDANCE,

Ashley Borromeo

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