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Dancing Through Life: The Art of Noticing and Elevating Your Surroundings

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Navigating Life's Rhythm

Hey TapFitFam,

Life's a bit like a dance, isn't it? We often move through the steps, but do we really tune into the music around us? It's Ashley here, and today, let's dive into the powerful concept of "Noticing what you notice" – a secret weapon to create some positive vibes in our lives.

The 5-Person Rule and Noticing What Matters

You know, they say we're the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So, let me ask you, are your dance partners lifting you higher? Whether it's spiritual, financial, fitness, or just pure joy, take a moment to notice what you notice. How does your mood shift around certain folks? Are you in a positive energy exchange, or is there a drain on your vibe? Surround yourself with those who inspire you in all aspects of life.

Dance Partners for a Joyful Life

Our dance partners aren't just people; they're experiences, places, and communities. Engage in a spiritual symphony that resonates with your soul, surround yourself with financial wisdom, and dance through activities that bring joy. Seek out those simple pleasures that make life a joyful.

From My Heart to Yours

Now, let me share a little personal story. When I was 13, I started choreographing my own dance routines for the joy of it at home.  If you have kids you may see this in your home too!  It felt empowering, but there were naysayers, parents who when our teacher permitted us time to showcase our at home choreo would roll their eyes or dismiss the use of time as a waist. Some saw it as laziness, and unfortunately, I started buying into that negative perspective. As a young dance teacher, I carried this mindset, thinking giving my dancers creative freedom was a sign of poor preparation as teacher or not teaching them. But you know what? I realized I was missing something important.

The Power of Noticing and Shifting Perspectives

I've always been one to look at things from different angles.  I can't remember exactly if the little kids in my studio started asking to show me their work, their choreography from home, or if I asked myself, "Why did you fall in love with dance?" first?  But these questions brought me back to the joy of creating and wowing the audience (even stuffed animals for young ones) with new challenges. So, I started encouraging my students to create at home, and I learned something crucial—choreographing your own dances empowers us.  It is not easy.  An old impression from people not even on the dance floor was false, and my rule following, people pleasing energy was released quickly here.  This led me to include improv time in classes, and it made all the difference.  Some dancers naturally have a gift of learning others routines quickly and confidently while some dancers excel at just going for it.  To see people shine in their own ways really is spectacular!  By noticing how we move, what our individual strengths and weaknesses are we can flourish in life.  

Your Unique Dance

So, here's the deal, TapFitFam. Your life is your dance, and you're the choreographer. Craft a dance that resonates with your joy. Surround yourself with those who amplify your rhythm, and let your dance through life be a celebration of your uniqueness.

Invitation to Action: Reflect and Tune In

If you're reading this at the end of 2023 or the start of the new year, it's not a coincidence. Take a moment to reflect on your life's choreography. Do you love it? If not, don't hesitate to make some changes. It's never too late to shift gears.  Be aware of what dance partners are encouraging your moves and if they are even enjoying the same style you love.

"Life's a dance, you learn as you go..." - by John Michael Montgomery.


Sending You AbunDANCE,

Ashley Borromeo

TapFitFam, Founder

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