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Relieve stress, boost well-being, and connect with a supportive community.


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Busy schedule? No problem!

Say goodbye to the stress of finding time for fitness! With Daily Dance Devotion, you'll experience unmatched convenience as our 5-minute dance videos designed to help you build and maintain healthy habits effortlessly. Easy-to-follow routines make it a breeze to dance your way to better well-being. With simple, attainable habits, success is within reach. Embrace the joy of movement and transform your life, one dance step at a time!

Ease at Your Fingertips

Say goodbye to the stress of finding time for fitness and class schedules! Each session is  delivered straight to your inbox. No need to search for classes or attend physical studios – simply click play and dance your way to joy and well-being. Our easily accessible content allows you to groove at your own pace, making it effortless to incorporate daily dance into your busy lifestyle. Embrace the convenience and transform your daily routine with the power of dance!

Fun and Supportive Community

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals on a journey towards healthier, happier lives. Our Daily Dance Devotion community is a safe space where members uplift, inspire, and support each other every step of the way. Share your progress, celebrate achievements, and experience the joy of collective motivation. From beginners to dance enthusiasts, everyone is welcome to connect, engage, and make lasting friendships. Together, we dance, laugh, and create lasting memories, making the journey towards better well-being an enjoyable and memorable one!

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Tap dancing is an incredible art form that works your entire body from mind to body and even your emotional state. If you are feeling less that thrilled with typical exercise classes and routines, Daily Dance Devotion is a great fit for you!


Daily Dance Devotion, is designed to get us up and moving and benefiting from tap and dancing!

Here are some additional points to note about Tap Start:

  • The course is unique and focuses on combining movement with enjoyable steps, patterns, rhythms, and combinations.
  • It is tailored to suit the needs of beginner adults who may feel overwhelmed by traditional workouts.
  • Daily Dance Devotion promises an experience that will not bore you, rather it will give you a sense of satisfaction and motivation.
  • The course is designed to make exercising fun and enjoyable, so you will look forward to each day.
  • We use a wide variety of music to explore tap dancing to different styles and rhythms.
  • Joining Daily Dance Devotion is an excellent way to start your fitness and dance journey on the right foot.

Look no further than Daily Dance Devotion! Our transformative program is designed to bring the joy of dance into your daily routine, providing you with the ultimate fitness and well-being experience.


Hi!  I'm Ashley...

I help dancers build confidence, creativity and clarity in their tap dancing so that they can get the most out of this incredible art form.

Think of me as your friend holding your hand on this journey.

I'll show you how to develop better technique, have fun, and continue to benefit from all the healthy perks of tap dancing.  

As a homeschool mom I have seen the value of teaching to the whole person not just a skillset.  I also know that my approach works because I've fine tuned it with over 20 years experience as a dance teacher and former dance studio owner.  

Stick with me and we will learn, laugh and love dance together!


Elevate Your Spirit, One Dance at a Time.!

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  • 30 Days of Dance Videos 
  • Step Break Down: Quick Tutorial videos are also included when a new step/ terminology is presented
  • Email Positivity: The emails each contain a small actionable step to move toward personal growth and positivity not just dance. 


  • By the end of the 30 Days you will have created a solid healthy habit and if you connect inside the exclusive FB group, you will also have meet some more like minded people! So exciting!