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What can you expect from TapFitFam?

TapFitFam is all about getting your body moving, simplifying the learning process, and having fun. The more fun we have, the more motivated you will be to keep dancing.

Momentum comes from action.  Start dancing today! No matter which class you take, you can count on building stronger connection to yourself and your skills one step at a time.

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Form & Technique

You'll burn calories and learn proper tap techniques setting you up for success from day 1.

Supportive Community

You are in good company here at TapFitFam. 

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Life is a gift and the opportunity to dance is a celebration of that gift!  Through dance we benefit mentally, physically, and emotionally!

Hey there! 👋 I'm Ashley!

Chances are, you've landed here through the dance-filled realms of IG, TT, FB, or YT. Maybe a friend already grooving in Tap in 10 or AbunDANCE sent you my way, or you've explored one of my online courses. However, you found us, I'm thrilled you're here!

TapFitFam is my heart's work. It's where I'm crafting a life I love and helping others do the same. Inside our programs, you'll discover a treasure trove of ideas, frameworks, and techniques – all geared to transform your life (no joke!).

Dancing through life is a way of approaching every step.  Choosing to choreograph and at times improvise the life you love and learning to find your rhythm that aligns all of you!

Here's to creating a dance-filled life you love! 💃✨

Utilize Tap Dance for Fun, Fitness and  Connection. 

You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast or experienced dancer to train with me.  TapFitFam is all about empowering generations to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. I will teach you how to tap even if you have two left feet.

Join me to let loose, learn new moves, and live vibrantly.  Get started today with Tap in 10 or any one of the many online programs available.

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