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Ashley, Creator of TapFitFam

The way I view tap dance has transformed over the years.  I grew up a competition dancer and excelled in that world, owned a dance studio, was a director at another and still continue to teach in studios for workshops, masterclasses and choreography. 

Aside from studio time, tap dancing is a part of my whole body wellness.  Tap dancing is a brain and body exercise that connects me to childlike play with endless opportunities to take risks and create. 

Dance serves me as a busy mom creating lasting, healthy memories in our home dancing together as a family. 

Sharing my decades of knowledge of this incredible art form, connecting the dots for others to transform their fitness journey with a fun approach, and infusing more energy into your days is a huge honor.

Thank you for being here in the Tap Fitness Family!   

When we are healthier we are happier.  The happier versions of ourselves show up differently for those around us and bring our best versions of self.  Let's live a life we are proud of.

I look forward to dancing through life with you.

With love,

Ashley Borromeo,


Tap Fitness Family

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