Struggling with consistent movement or desire more tap dancing fun?

Join Tap in 10 For Quick, Effective and Fun Bite Sized Tap Classes Weekly!


Are you having enough fun?

Did you know that according to some surveys as much as 53% of Americans say that they aren't enjoying life.  

Let's Dance - Bring Fun Into Your Life
Tap Into Confident Fun From The Comfort Of Your Home

Learn How To Tap Dance, Play and Create More

Enjoy Weekly 10 Minute Tap Lessons:

  • Tap Into Your Joy¬†
  • Improve Your Balance and Coordination
  • Utilize the power of tap dance for self expression and creativity
  • Dance Teacher's welcome to¬†Tap in 10 for a refresh or to help spark ideas for your¬†own lessons
  • Build your confidence in your body on and off the dance floor

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In 10 minutes a week you can learn how to tap dance with your Tap in 10 subscription.


In Just 10 Minutes a Week, You Could…

  • Finally check "learn to dance" off the bucket list
  • Bring your childhood joy back to life
  • Be confident in your abilities on the dance floor

The right form of fitness can make all the difference. We’ll enjoy and dare I say, look forward to moving our bodies weekly bringing you more health and happiness.


Tap In 10

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You Are Ready To Feel Confident and Have Fun?

This monthly subscription will teach you everything you need to know to get out of your head and build momentum helping you to feel more vibrant and playful. You’ll learn:

  • Tap Dance Terminology
  • The processes I've successfully used with thousands of dancers to tap with¬†clarity and confidence
  • Be empowered to dance through life

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart dance practices, you could start living the life of your dreams.

This Subscription Is For You If...


  • You are¬†short on time and feel to busy for full length weekly classes
  • Want to learn how to tap but do not want to be pressured to perform¬†
  • You¬†prefer to learn from the comfort of your home vs. in a group setting in studios
  • Desire to tap dance with loved ones. Tap in 10 is great for the whole fam!
  • You¬†want guidance on ways to improve your craft without learning full length choreography


I'm Ashley Borromeo

My distinct value is my ability to lead with authority and confidence.

I deliver this by setting high standards, motivating you through a fun and creative spirit and being conscientious of the details.

I do this so that we can build emotional connection, strong relationships and inspire people to dance through life.